I am an Assistant Professor of History at the University of La Verne. “Documenting the Coors Boycott” is a companion site to an ongoing book project, which examines the various boycotts of Coors Beer from 1957 to 1997 (and, in some cases, into the present).  This boycott was one of the longest-running consumer boycotts in American history, uniting a diverse array of consumers and activists — union members, gays and lesbians, Chicanos and Latinos, student activists, feminists, environmentalists, and blacks — under the banner of “BOYCOTT COORS.” I argue that the boycott served as a means through which to express shared, if conflicted, political identities in tumultuous times and was a powerful tool for supporters to push back against the “New Right,” embodied by the Coors Brewing Company and the Coors family. The act of boycotting was at once collective and individual, made up of meetings, rallies, pickets, and conversations in bars and liquor stores across the country. To tell the story of these decisions and debates, I’d like to hear your own memories! Please share your recollections on this site and contact me if you would like to talk at more length about the project or the boycott itself.

You can find out more about me, my work, and my teaching at allysonbrantley.com.